San Diego

WordPress Tips For All at WordCamp San Diego 2012

March 25, 2012

Yesterday I spent the day talking and learning with the WordPress community at WordCamp San Diego 2012. In short, it was pretty awesome. A day packed full of what I like to call “The fast track to WordPress knowledge.” See, you can go out an buy a book on WordPress…but it’ll likely be too general […]

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Don’t Touch That Dial

August 30, 2010 is one of the most popular sites about radio on the web. reports on radio (and tv) in the San Diego area and a bit beyond. “Todd understood my web site problem: A great blog in content that lacked appeal. He handcrafted a back engine and SDRadio is one of the premiere radio […]

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Fun and Games

August 30, 2010

Reaching deep into the archives, I came across a flash game I made for 91X. Back in the late 90’s, the Brand X morning show had a game on the air called “You Can’t Win”. Since the game was so popular, they asked me to make an online version. Here was the first “episode” of […]

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Filling The *Sports News* Need

August 28, 2010

Most people don’t think of San Diego as a great sports town, but it does have a rich sports history. The sports fans in this town are passionate about their team. The media has never taken it seriously though and thus, because the media puts sports in the back seat…people often think that’s where it […]

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